Your Health Is Your Wealth.

Published by Parakrama Keerthisinghe 2019-06-05 14:06:31 Kandy, Kundasale

As you know, you have to be healthy to enjoy the wealth you have earned. So it is mentioned by the Lord Buddha in his teachings. We have introduced a healthy treatment to experience with Thermal Healing treatments with Massage Therapy, Heat, Infrared Rays, and Music simultaneously This is a Therapy with Modernized Korean Techniques which has 6000 years of history. Now we have started a Healing Therapy Center to treat for following ailments with the more successful rate with the society. Frequent treatments will help you to cure your sickness as follows.
1. Stomach - උදරය 2. Small intestine - කුඩා අන්තරය 3. The LARGE Intestine - මහා අන්තරය 4. Bladder - මුත්රාශය 5. Liver - අක්මාව 6. Heart - හදවත 7. Lungs - පෙනහලු 8. Kidney - වකුගඩු 9. Cold Pharyngitis - හෙම්බිරිස්සාව හා උගුරේ දැවිල්ල 10. Insomnia - නින්ද නොයෑම 11. Prostate - පුරස්ථි ග්රන්ථි 12. Gynecology` - නාරිවේදය 13. Hyperlipidemia - කොලොස්ටොරෝල් 14. Hypertension

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