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Why Do I Need It... ?

Watch cricket match on Monitor, no need to scramble for the remote control with your family.
Turn the LCD /LED/CRT monitor or even old fashioned CRT monitor to a TV with less than Rs.5000/=
Don’t have to worry about the stability of the broadband, brought by the low speed of the internet as compared with IPTV.
Don’t have to open the PC casing and install the driver software. Just plug in the cables and do the ordinary channel tuning. That all it is.
No extra cost for CATV or broadband. Save power and protect the environment.

What Is It...?
Improved XVGA TV Box enables you to watch TV on a CRT, LCD & LED computer monitor without driver or software configuration. what you need is a piece of XVGA TV Box, CRT, LCD, LED monitor And TV Signal sourcing (TV Antenna).
With standard AV input, you can also connect the TV Box with DVD / VCD player, PS2, XBOX, Security Camera, etc., to see a movie or play a game.

How to Use It...?
Connect Improved Gadmei improved XGA TV box to CRT, LCD & LED computer monitor and PC casing (if you need) by VGA Cable, Connect TV antenna and press the power button in the remote control. It is so easy that anyone knows the computer can manage it.
Gadmei XGA TV BOX uses the professional progressive scanning TV (DPTV) integrated chip, the refresh rate Is increases from originally 50Hz to 60Hz;
It supports multiple resolution outputs and can be fully compatible with LED, LCD and CRT monitors.
You can enjoy TV programs for leisure entertainment while you are working on a PC. (Picture in Picture – PIP)
Unique pan scan image stretch mode display TV programs in their original ratio while watching them on a widescreen Computer monitor (No stretched image will occur)
High-resolution output compatible with LED, LED and CRT monitors.
In addition, it is stylishly designed and equipped with a built-in speaker.
Connecting it with a Computer Monitor (LED, LCD or CRT) you can easily get a fashionable and healthy TV.
AV input for VCD, DVD, Game Players, Cable or Satellite TV, Security Camera, etc.,

• Watch TV on LED, LCD & CRT monitor; Just Plug & Play, No software needed, no CPU or memory occupancy
• Multiple Picture Display modes 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10
• Adjustable Resolution ( 1920 x 1200 )
• Full-band TV signals reception.
• High-resolution output delivers a clear, stable picture without flicker.
• DPTV – Multiple Resolution.
• 3D high-efficiency noise reduction can suppress noise effectively.
• PIP function at PC mode allows you to adjust the size and position of the image on windows desktop. ( One button pc tv switch on the remote control ).
• Still p

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