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1) RELAX TONE is a massager that tones your body without any training or exercising .
2) You just put the RELAX AND TONE massager on a specific part of your body where you want to loose your weight .
3) RELAX AND TONE helps you to loose your weight , burn your fat , eliminates cellulite and stretch marks in a fast and a fun way .
4) RELAX AND TONE is great for the following parts of the body : neck , back , circulation , legs , feet , abs , arms and buttocks .
5) The RELAX AND TONE massager also relaxes your body muscles and removes fatigue .

How does it works ?

The RELAX AND TONE reaches the deepest layers of the skin , helping to effectively fight the accumulated fat and cellulite .
The rapid rotation of the RELAX AND TONE and the powerful massage takes away aches and pains .

What heads is the RELAX AND TONE has ?

A general massage head will help you relax and relieve stress . The " flat head " .
The " roller ball " , a head with spheres , shapes and tones whole of your body .
The curved head , " wave head " , doing a deeper massage softening the skin .

Important to know :

When using the Relax Tone massager, do not walk away from the power oultet too far while the massager is plugged in, to avoid the powercord getting torn off. Relax Tone massager damaged as a result of such misuse will not be covered by the warranty.

What is in the package ?

* Power Speed Regulator
* Hand Grip
* Massage Head
* Wave Cap
* Roller Cap
* Mesh Cover

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