Planted fish tank

Published by lathika 2018-10-27 20:10:30 Colombo, Moratuwa

Mind relaxing Planted fish tank for sale with wooden stand and light holder
Tank dimensions are 4*1.5*1.5 feet.
stand made by mahogany and ply wood. seyerlac water base done.
Light holder with two 3 feet long LED lights which has more than 32w output light.
Oxygen moter.
low maintenance.
Planted plants are
monte carlo
java moss
water wisteria
hygrophila corymbosa
amazon sword ect...
natural drift woods ,soil, natural stones and sand are there.
10 neon tetras
2 serpea tetras
4 buenos aires tetra
4 red tail sharks
1 white shrimp
4 guppies with more than 50 guppy fries
2 rosy barbs

Animal Accessories
Item Condition : New
For sell
Colombo, Moratuwa
Ad ID 16301

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