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Make your own DVD easily with high quality.
• A cost-effective way to digitize your old videotapes.
• Edit and burn video to DVD, VCD, and SVCD, support uploading.
• MPEG1, MPEG 2, AVI, WMV, etc., video formats to Youtube.
• Upload your live videos ( Video Streaming )
• Capit is capture equipment specified designed for capturing MPEG, which transmit screened important images/videos to HDD connection of AV and S-Video with high resolution as 720 x 576.
• You can edit valuable DV/Digital 8 video recorder, VCR, DVD, and camera to burn VCD, SVCD, DVD, MPEG4, AVI formats directly.

Feature List
• 640 x 480, 25 frames per second PAL / SECAM video capture
• High contrast, high-quality video-better than DV at the same time size
• Excellent audio/video synchronization
• Uncompressed YUV format: 66.5 GB per hour for video and audio
• Compressed JPEG format : 3 GB per hour for video and audio
• 640 X 480 single frame capture
• Audio- support up to 48 kHz 16-bit stereo for devices that have an audio input
• Easy to use, Apple Script enabled capture software with fast full-screen playback
• Software to export movies to any Quick Time supported format, including DV and H.264

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TV & Video Accessories
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