Microsoft Excel Class - Basic to Advanced

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Microsoft Excel Class - Basic to Advanced
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Excel අමාරුද ? ඔබගේ සුලු කාර්යාල කටයුතු වලට පවා විශාල වෙලවක් ගත කිරීමට වෙනවා ද ? ඒ නිසා Excel ✔ ඉගෙන ගෙන කාලය ඉතිරි කර ගනිමු. ඔබගෙ අවශ්‍යතාව අනුව ⏰ සහ පටන් ගනිම වෙනස් කිරීමට හැකිය.

• Basic Formulas
• Vlookup, Hlookup, Index
• Advanced Formulas & other advanced features with pivot tables
• Add data labels
• Apply data validation to cells
• Assign a macro to an object, graphic, or control
• Basic Numeric Information
• Change the layout of chart elements manually
• Conditional Formatting
• Conditional Functions
• Create a chart from start to finish
• Create a custom number format
• Create a macro by using Microsoft Visual Basic
• Create a Power View report
• Create calculated fields
• Creating a Template
• Creating Dates & Times
• Data Lookup Functions
• Data table basics
• Define and solve a problem by using Solver
• Filtering Information
• Handle empty cells or zero values
• Importing and Exporting Data
• Information Functions
• Insert subtotals in a list of data in a worksheet
• Optimize for Power View reporting
• PivotTable data analysis using a Data Model in Excel 2018
• Protect a worksheet with or without a password
• Share workbook , Merging copies of a shared workbook
• Show or hide data markers
• Sorting
• Sparklines
• Speed up calculation on a worksheet that contains data tables
• Statistical Functions
• Switch between various sets of values by using scenarios
• Text Functions
• Use Goal Seek to find the result you want by adjusting an in
• Using Common Built-In Functions
• Using Hyperlinks
• Working with Named Ranges
And Many More…
+ Microsoft Powerpoint - Basic

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