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Published by Ariya subasingha 2018-12-07 10:12:09 Colombo, Dehiwala

The manually operated hydraulic patient lift offered is an equipment that can be used to transfer a patient from bed in lying down posture or sit down posture to a wheel chair or to a commode or to move from place to place.
This was purchased on 4th September 2018 at a price of Rs. 128700/- from Union Chemists and used very sparingly till 23rd November 2018. This is still within the warranty period.
The advantages of this are as follows.
1. Can be used with maximum safety and least discomfort to the patient.
2. The sling provided is capable of supporting a weight up to 180 kg or 400 pounds.
3. The sling can be placed under the patient by rolling it half way and keeping under the body of the patient turned slightly to a side and later turning the patient to the other side in the same way a diaper is worn. Then the sling can be attached to the arm of the lift by 3 pairs of hooks attached to the sling.
4. The arm can be lowered to the required height by releasing the pressure.
5. Once the sling is attached it can be raised by using a handle which can be operated even by a child with little effort. Hence the operator does not feel the weight of the patient.
6. The lift can be moved up to the wheel chair or the commode and the patient can be lowered to the correct position. Once the patient is seated the sling may be removed.
7. The base bars can be made wider or narrower. This enables the lift to be moved through narrow doors.
8. The castors enable the lift to be moved from place to place.
9. All details are given in the manual provided.
The owner has personally used it very carefully and it has been maintained regularly.

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