Kangen Panasonic ionized water machine

Published by Divan Ravinga 2018-12-28 10:12:50 Colombo, Kottawa

100000 upwards
5 years company warranty

Description :
""Panasonic Alkaline Ion Water Treatment System "" is an alkaline ion water conditioner that is space-saving and can effectively use the kitchen. You can choose by pressing buttons from 5 water according to the application. We adopted a high performance water purification cartridge that can remove 13 designated substances according to JIS standard. Easy to use and easy to use character control section. Water signal lamp to understand water that can be drunk, Manual continuous mode that can be used for water saving, water switch lever for switching water purification and raw water with one touch, kitchen timer for convenient dish.
Condition: Brand New
Size: Width 15.9 �~ height 25.8 �~ depth 10.0 cm
Body weight: 1.8 Kg (about 2.2 kg when full)
Country of Origin: Japan (Made in Japan)
Power consumption: about 80 W (about 0.4 W at standby)
Power supply: AC 230 V 1.3 A 50 - 60 Hz
Water discharge volume: 2.0 L / min (when water pressure is 100 kPa)
Electrolytic capacity switching: alkali: 3 steps Acidity: 1 step
Electricity charge: Approximately 21.30 LKR / month (At maximum electrolysis at 15 L / day use ? Including standby power)
Negative ORP: (mV) -800
pH Range: 2.5 - 11.5
Certificated as a Medical Device: Medical Device Certification Number 219 AKBZX00175000

Accessories: 1 water purification cartridge, 1 bag of calcium glycerophosphate preparation, pH

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Item Condition : New
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Colombo, Kottawa
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