Intercom system

Published by bee tell 2019-01-29 12:01:37 Colombo, Dehiwala

Main Features: * Support Caller ID (DTMF / FSK) * Intercom * Call transferring one extension to another extension. * Direct Outward call Restricted * Help to make call by secretary * Direct Outward Dialing * Call Pick Up * Seven communication paths * Outgoing call restriction * Music On Holding * Different Ringing for Internal & External call * Three Way Conferences (1CO.line and 2Extension) * Power Failure Transfer * Multiple Communication channels * Call Duration Control * OGM recording for Auto-Attendant mode optional * Operator Attendant / Auto Attendant * Extension number changeable * Password Programming * Can compatible with Door bell & Door opener * Thunder –proof (1KV)Disturbance Against

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