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Network cable testing is a very important step in installing a network cable. As a pioneer supplier in the market of Ethernet Network Cable Testers in Sri Lanka, we got a unique solution for you. It is not limited to installation of cables, you can use to maintain or troubleshoot data cabling and Ethernet networks as well. With this, you can easily run the performance test up to Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates. You can test and document data cable performance by simulating actual network traffic. Since the two handsets are automated to pair the cables, it is very user-friendly.

For industrial use, SignalTEK NT is used to check network performance up to gigabit requirements. But even at home, if you have a slow internet connection in your laptop you can easily run a simplified transmission test to check network performance. Since these kind of slow network issues are common in Sri Lanka, it is very cost-effective equipment for both your household and business.

During the cable installation, the tester has a WIREMAP test under the for TIA-568 standard open, shorts and split pairs. The normal network performance test is running under IEEE802.3ab Ethernet Standard Testing. So you can easily record the network performance as a prove of copper and fiber networks provide error-free performance. Uniquely, SignalTEK NT uses a special method of sending real Ethernet data frames through the cabling to prove the performance. Since free IDEAL AnyWARE™ application helps you to transfer test reports to your connected smart device after each test. It can be a PDF or a CSV, you can decide the format and transferring method of reports. You can transfer into cloud storage or send through email since it is connected to your smart device. But alternatively, it has an option to save into a USB storage as well. So order your Ethernet Network Cable Tester from us for the cheapest price in Sri Lanka. If you buy it from us, we are happy to give you a 12-month warranty for each purchase.

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