Abcoaster only for 12000

Published by Chinthake 2018-10-06 08:10:38 Gampaha, Kadawatha

Every Coast Brings You One Step Closer to The Tight, Toned ABS You Always Wanted!

Smooth, Bottom-Up Motion Creates Constant Core Contraction
Free-Style Seat Targets Entire Abdominal Region
Natural Arc Motion Works Upper, Middle, & Lower Abs on Way Up & Way Down
Double the Workout in Half the Time
Helps You Get Sculpted, Sexy Abs Fast
No stress and strain on back or neck
Seat Twists to Define Obliques— On Both Sides!
Perfect for All Fitness Levels

Sports Equipment
Condition : Used
Equipment Type : Fitness gym
For sell
Gampaha, Kadawatha
Ad ID 13408

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