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Course Details
1. Introduction
2. Basic interface and layout study
3. Basic and extended primitives
4. Basic layout setting for Architects
1. Edit Poly Modeling
2. Extrude
3. Chamfer
4. Cut and Slices
5. Symmetry Mirror Modeling
6. Designing a table and chair
7. Designing a house using box
8. Lines and Nurbs
9. Importing a plan from AutoCAD/Vector works
10. Making an interior space
11. Doors and Windows
12. AEC extended
13. Railing and Trees
14. Stairs
1. Compound objects
a. Connect
b. Scatter
c. Pro Boolean
d. Loft
e. Terrain
2. Bend, Taper, Twist, Stretch, Skew
3. FFD
4. Lattice
1. Omni, Spot, Direct Lights
2. Sky light and Light tracer rendering
3. Light effects
1. Free and Target camera
2. Camera Animation
1. Diffuse and Bump Mapping
2. ink and paint
3. Environment and back ground images
4. Material library/Architectural Materials
Particles and Dynamics
1. Particle systems (Rain System)
2. Object Properties and motion blur
Rendering (mental Ray)
1. Rendering images
2. Rendering moving images
3. V-Ray Image rendering
4. Global Illumination and HDRI rendering

Course period: 60 hours
Course Charge: 14500 + V Ray 7000
**Individual Classes. Arrange your Convenient Time.
**Professional Training
**Course Conducted by Qualified Lectures

Recognized Certificated will be issued by us.
Institute Awarded by Ministry of Education and Microsoft

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